Booking Forms

Please be aware that our booking forms have now be taken offline. Please send your advert and ecast copy to with the following information (standard turnarounds and procedures apply):

Ecast Requirements

  • HTML file and images, or code, or design brief
  • Subject Line
  • Sender Name – this is usually the company name
  • Send date and time
  • Email addresses to send test proofs if necessary
  • Circulation Type: i.e. full 3rd Party or new circulation

For specialised lists please liaise with Rosh [] for counts.

Once an ecast has been constructed we send a proof to you to then confirm with the client for approval. If requested we will send a proof direct to the client from the system for you to then follow up for approval – you will also receive a proof as before. Once approved by you we will schedule it in to be sent.

If the above is not provided in full it will delay the sending/construction of your ecast.

Advert Requirements

  • The copy (static image, animated gif or code)
  • URL the copy will click through to
  • The zone/website it will be occupying
  • The start/end date for the advert

If the above is not provided then it will delay the assignment of your advert